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Editing rank

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Unlocking segments above your rank
There are many cases where a segment (or connected junction) may need to be edited by a lower rank editor. For that reason there are two methods to unlock segments (and junctions).
* Send a [[private message]] to the last editor of the locked segment explaining why you need to unlock and change the segment. Most higher ranked editors will help you with the problem.
* Alternately you can post a forum message in the appropriate [ unlock request forum for your country] or if there is not an appropriate country forum in the[ general unlock request forum]. Be sure to have the location of the segment listed in the title of the message. Also include a [[permalink]] with all desired segments highlighted to make it fast and easy for the higher ranked editor monitoring that forum to make the change.
In both cases be sure to explain the reason for the desired unlock request. Many segments were locked in the past for reasons that are no longer present. However, high traffic areas are locked to prevent less experienced editors from making changes that would cause problems or do not follow the generally agreed mapping procedures.