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Road types

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Parking lots, along with other publicly accessible roads such as alleys that should not be used for traffic routing unless directly at the start or end point of a route.
*Do not map the rows within parking lots because it clutters the map. See this additional page for [[Best_map_editing_practice#Parking_Lots|more details on how to map parking lots]].
*Parking Lot roads have a [[Routing_penalties|transition penalty ]] when exiting the Parking Lot road segment. This should prevent Waze from routing you through a Parking Lot as a shortcut.
*Use Parking Lot road type for all necessary segments in the Parking Lot.
*The proper use of parking lot roads can also help to avoid automated traffic jam reports as well as Map Problems related to Wazers driving in unmapped parking lots. Draw in the drivable portions of the parking lot that are near streets and other roadways. This will prevent the Waze routing server from assuming you must be on the main road when in fact you are stopped in the parking lot.
However, using private roads in some of these situations may require more complex mapping as covered in the article [[Private Installations]]. Be sure to read through that article before setting a whole neighborhood to all private roads.
Private roads function in a similar way to Parking Lot roads using a [[Routing_penalties|transition penalty ]] when leaving the Private Road. This transition penalty keeps Waze from incorrectly routing Wazers through a private area as a shortcut.
Private roads do not suppress automated traffic jams in the Waze application.