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[[Waze Map Editor#Editing Manual |Back to Map Editing]]
''This information here is what is known at this time. Subject to change.''
[[Image:New_ap_icon_yellowproblem_pin_open-low.png|left]] A yellow problem balloon has been generated by 1-3 drives.<br clear="all">[[Image:New_ap_icon_orangeproblem_pin_open-med.png|left]] An orange problem balloon has been generated by 4-7 drives.<br clear="all">[[Image:New_ap_icon_redproblem_pin_open-high.png|left]] A red problem balloon has been generated by 8 or more drives.<br clear="all">
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[[Image:New_ap_icon_green_not_identproblem_pin_not-identified.png‎png|left]] The Problem changes to this icon when you mark it as "Not Identified." It is not advised to mark many Problems as Not Identified because this flags the problem to be investigated by other non-local Editors who are not always familiar with local mapping guidelines and may cause more harm than good. <br clear="all">[[Image:New_ap_icon_green_solvedproblem_pin_solved.png|left]] This is a Solved Problem and appears once you fix a problem and mark it as "Solved". If you see that the problem isn't valid, such as being generated by bad GPS tracks/reception, or is due to bad averaging of GPS track data, mark it Solved as well.<br clear="all">
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