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Wayfinder Segments: fixed RHD and LHD entries
It may be necessary to provide additional information to a driver for complex or confusing [[#Highway.2FFreeway_Exits|Exits]] and [[#Highway.2FFreeway_Splits|Splits]]. Examples of such situations include:
* '''Lane Drops''' - Highway has been 3 lanes for miles and miles , but only 2 lanes continue straight through at a certain point
* '''Inconsistent signage''' - Highway continues as a numbered route, but signs only call it by a name instead
* '''Non-obvious continuations''' - in In a [[right -hand drive traffic]] country, exiting traffic is to the left and continuing traffic is to the right
In these cases we need to use short way-finder or path-finder segments which are named with the information displayed on the roadway signs. There are two methods to accomplish this: using Highway/Freeways or using Ramps.
* '''Highway/Freeways'''
** Con: introduces a [[Routing_penalties|routing penalty]] of the transition to Ramp type (although we do not know how much of an impact, if any, this has in actuality)
** Con: may render as a broken line on the map
** Note: will provide "Keep Left" and "Exit Right" instructions in [[right-hand drive traffic]] countries and "Exit Left" and "Keep Right" instructions in [[left-hand drive traffic]] countries.
In both cases, the two exiting segments '''MUST''' have identical road types and different names from themselves and the entering segment.