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Map Problems

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A Map Problem or Automated Problem Report comes from the Waze system when it detects something that is happening in the real world as tracked by the Waze client apps that does not match the logic in the map data. There are three options the editor can use to respond to these Map Problems: '''Solved''', '''Not Identified''', or leave it as '''Open'''.  Just because you do not know the solution doesn't mean that another editor won't figure it out, so do not use '''Not Identified''' to mean that you alone cannot identify the problem as this closes the problem for all editors.
=== Interface Elements===
The color of the problem balloon, just like Update Requests, are indicative of something. In the case of Problems, it is the number of drivers affected by, or driving through the problem area, in an unexpected manner. The more drive traces which follow the same route, the higher the likelihood that this problem needs to be fixed. An exclamation point in the icon shows that the problem is open and the color indicates how many drivers have gone through that area with that problem.