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Road types

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====Service Road [[Image:Service road.png|200px]]====
Deprecated. Do not use this type.
{{mbox| type = warning| text = The Service Road type is deprecated. '''Do not use the Service Road type for any purpose.'''}}  As stated above, [[wikipedia:Frontage road|frontage road]]s should generally be set to at least "primary street" type{{Primary Street}}, if not marked as a higher type on a functional class map.
Many frontage roads are used as "feeder roads" or "access roads", often the primary or only means of entering and exiting a freeway. Setting these to the "street" type, as has been done in the past, has the potential to invalidate good routes which use freeways and major/minor highways. To ensure that routing works, always use at least "primary street" for frontage roads that are used in this way. It may be desirable to set the entire frontage road to the same type to achieve a more contiguous map appearance.
====Street [[Image:Street.png|200px]]====