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=== Railroad [[File:Service road.png|200px|Service road.png]] ===
Train and Light Rail tracks currently do not appear in Waze client, but may in a future releaseso drivers have an additional visual reference point. For that reason railroads should be mapped.  Where they cross drivable roads, DO NOT create a junction between the drivable road and the railroad. The Waze routing engine will properly calculate the average time through a segment regardless if the railroad creates a junction on that segment or not.  By not creating a junction, there is less chance for turn restrictions to be set incorrectly and potentially cause automated errors in the system.  
Currently all Railroad All railroad segments should be set to Elevation -5. This helps ensure the routing engine does not try to connect or route drivers from roads onto non-roads by mistake. It acts to prevent false system reporting that the roads should be connected.  They should also be locked at the highest possible level, up to Level 5.  This derives from an abundance of caution against newer editors connecting railroads to drivable roads, or forgetting to change the segment type to Railroad.  It is not permissible to set a Railroad to a drivable road to get it to display in the client. This is a hazard to human life.
Railroad segments may be labeled with the owner of the railroad.  For clarity, spell out the name, don't use the [ AAR reporting marksmark] abbreviation.  "Railroad" or "Railway" as part of the owner name should be spelled out as a means to help further distinguish railroad segments from very similar-looking street segments in the editor.  If you don't know the owner, simply naming then name the segment "Railroad." will suffice.  Many state -level department of transportation offices make state railway maps with the owner names available for download.
Lastly*To avoid city smudging, do not don't apply city names to the railroad segments or *Don't apply "fallen flags" (a railroad that no longer exists due to bankrupcy or merger) in the alternate field, and keep *Keep segment length under 10,000 meters. &nbsp;The the longer the segment length, the more sluggish the editor is to respond to changes. &nbsp*Don't map every piece of parallel track, such as in sidings or yards;<u>one will do</u>, else your work may be seen as clutter, much like mapping every parking lot row*It is unecessary to map every industrial spur for the same reason (clutter), unless it crosses a drivable road
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