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==iPhone== '''First Time in Waze?''' [[Image:WelCsr.png]] The first time that you run waze, you will have to select between a few settings, with the following screens and messages: ====Select Server==== If waze can't pick up your current location, you will be asked to choose your general location:[[Image:SeleServ.png]] # USA & Canada.# Israel.# International (rest of the world). After you choose your general location, you will be requested to choose your language. [[Image:LangScr.png]] Note that you will be able to change the language later on. ---- Next, read and accept the waze terms & conditions [[Image:TermUsr1.png]] [[Image:TermUsr2.png]] == Login == After accepting the terms & conditions, you can choose between creating a new user, or entering the credentials of an existing user.  [[Image:LoginScr.png]] Choose '''Sign up''' to log in, or '''Sign in''' to use an existing user name / password (if you already created a waze user in the past).Note: you can also choose to use waze anonymously. Choose '''sign in''' at this screen to proceed anonymously. If you forgot your password, you can visit this page and ask for a password reset: ---- ==== Sign Up ==== When you choose [[Image:LoginScr.Sign.png]] you will get to this page: [[Image:ProfileSign.png]] Fill in these fields in order to complete your registration.If you'd like to use waze without creating a user, press the '''skip''' button. You will be able to create a user later on. '''NOTE I:''' If you choose to use waze as a guest, you will not able to use the any of functions inside the our web page and all your points and score it will not be accumulate in your account. '''NOTE II:''' The “send me updates” box indicates the option to get or not to get update and news mails in your personal mailbox.After pressing the skip button, the following screen will show up: [[Image:SkipReg.PNG]] In here, you have another time an option to create a user name or continue working with a temporal user name. == Twitter ==Next screen is: [[Image:TwitterReg.png]]  ---- === Ping\Chit Chat === Just after you finish to subscribe to twitter, you will see the next screen: [[Image:PingReg.png]] Here you can choose whether you want to receive pings (chit chat) from other wazers.  ---- === Facebook === Next screen that appears: [[Image:FacebookReg.png]] Waze allows you to connect to Facebook, in case you have an account.In this screen you can choose to connect your account.  ---- [[Image:FaceConn.png]] ---- Next screen that appears, is the following : [[Image:WelcoSc.png]] Your account has been created. Press GO and start using Waze. == Main Screen == After running the application, you will see following screen: [[Image:FirstSc.png]] ---- '''The top of the screen''' On top of the main screen will appear six different icons: '''GPS Reception icons:''' {| border="1"! scope="col" | [[Image:GreenGp.png]]| Cell 1 | connected|-! scope="row" | [[Image:OrangeGp.png]]| Cell 2 | Partial connected|-! scope="row" | [[Image:GreyGp.png]]| No GPS reception.|-|}  '''Internet connection:''' {| border="1"! scope="col" | [[Image:ConneGPS.png]]| Cell 1 | Connected to Waze|-! scope="row" | [[Image:OffGPS.png]]| Cell 2 | Not connected to Waze|-|}  '''Mood icon''' {| border="1"! scope="col" | [[Image:MoodIco.png]]| Cell 1 | Here you can decide in which mood do you want to appear in Waze.|-|}  '''Groups icon''' {| border="1"! scope="col" | [[Image:GroupsIco.png]]| Cell 1 | Here you can see all the groups that you are following.|-|}  '''Events''' {| border="1"! scope="col" | [[Image:EventsIco.png]]| Cell 1 | Here you can see all the events that have been reported by your groups, that have been reported on your route or that have been reported near to you.|-|} '''Turn off icon''' {| border="1"! scope="col" | [[Image:ExitApp.png]]| Cell 1 | Here, you can turn off the application.|-|} ---- '''Bottom of the screen''' On the bottom of the screen will appear four different buttons: [[Image:Btnbtn.png]] Pressing the first button [[Image:UomenuIco.png]] will open the next menu: [[Image:SecBtnIco.png]] ---- '''Center of the screen''' In the center of the screen you will see the map. You can choose to view the map in 2 different modes : {Notice| cellpadding="2" style="border: 1px solid darkgray;! width="140" | 3D mode! width="150" | 2D mode|- borderMsgID="0"| [[Image:3dModIcoFixed.png]]| [[Image:2dModIcoFixed.png]]ManualOnHC|- alignanswer="center"|6071540To change between the modes, press [[Image:UomenuIco.png]] and then [[Image:ToolsBtnIco.png]], The following screen will appear: [[Image:3dMenu.png]] Choose your prefered display. ---- '''Zoom''' {| cellpadding="2" style="border: 1px solid darkgray;! width="140" | Zoom Out ! width="150" | Zoom In|- border="0" align="center"| [[Image:ZoomOutIco.png]]| [[Image:ZoomInIco.png]]|- align="center"|Tap once on the screen to bring up the zoom in/ zoom out buttons: [[Image:ScreenZoom.PNG]]  ---- === Events === To report an event press [[Image:ReportBtn.png]] The following screen will appear: [[Image:ReportEventMwenu.png]] '''Note''': This screen will appear only if you have GPS reception and Internet connection. You can choose to report the following events: [[#Police| Police]] [[#Traffic Jam| Traffic Jam]] [[#Accidents| Accidents]] [[#Hazard| Hazard]] [[#Speed cam| Speed cam]] [[#Chit Chats| Chit Chats]] [[#Updated Map| Updated Map]] ---- ==== [[Image:PoliceIco.png]] Police ==== [[Image:PoliceMenu.png]] You can add a description to the event, decide its direction and add a photo of it. [[#Events| Back to Events]] ---- ==== [[Image:TrafficIco.png]] Traffic Jam ==== [[Image:TraaficMenu.png]] You can add a description to the event, decide its direction and add a photo of it.  [[#Events| Back to Events]] ---- ==== [[Image:AccodentsIco.png]] Accidents ==== [[Image:AccidentsMenu.png]] You can add a description to the event, decide its direction and add a photo of it. ---- ==== [[Image:HazardIco.png]] Hazard ==== [[Image:HazardMenu.png]] You can add a description to the event, decide its direction and add a photo of it. ---- ==== [[Image:SpeedIco.png]] Speed cam ==== SCREEN ---- ==== [[Image:ChitIco.png]] Chit Chats ==== [[Image:ChatMenu.png]] You can add a description to the event, decide its direction and add a photo of it. ---- ==== [[Image:UpdateIco.png]] Updated Map ==== [[Image:UpdateMemu.png]] In this menu you can record new roads, update details and report map problems. [[#Record New Roads| Record New Roads]] [[#Update Details| Update Details]] [[#Report Map Problem| Report Map Problem]] ==== Record New Roads ==== Choosing [[Image:RecordnewRoadsIco.png]] will change your icon to a small steam-roller and allow you to record a new road. to stop recording just click on the steam-roller icon [[Image:TrackIco.PNG]] [[Image:RecordMenu.PNG]] ---- ==== Update Details ==== Choose [[Image:UpdateHouseIco.png]] to update house numbers.  ---- ==== Report Map Problem ==== Choose [[Image:ReportMapProb.png]] to report a problem with a description:  [[Image:ReportMapProbMenu.png]] Choose [[Image:SendIco.png]] to send the report. '''Attention''': you won't be able to report without GPS reception or 3G/ WIFI connection! ---- == SETTINGS MENU == To access the Settings menu click the [[Image:UomenuIco.png]] button in the bottom menu of the main screen. [[Image:SecBtnIco.png]]  Then click the [[Image:SettingsIco.png]] button: [[Image:SettingsMenu2.png]] The Settings Menu will appear: [[Image:WazeSettingsMenu.png]] ---- ==== Quick Actions ==== ---- ===== Navigation guidance ===== Here you can select to turn on/off the Navigation guidance. [[Image:NavGuidIco.png]] ---- ===== Display ===== Here you can switch between 2D / 3D view. [[Image:TwoDthreeDIco.png]] ---- =====Light===== Here you can switch between Day/ Night light mode Manually. [[Image:LightIco.png]] ---- =====Music Player===== Here you can turn on the music player. [[Image:MusicIco.png]] ---- ==== Settings ==== ---- More features in the settings menu: [[Image:Settings1.PNG]] ---- =====General=====  Tap [[Image:GeneralIco.png]] : [[Image:GeneralIcoMenu.png]] ---- =====Language===== Here you can change your prefered language. [[Image:LangIco.png]] [[Image:LangIcoMenu.png]] ---- =====Prompts===== Here you can change the navigation commands' language. [[Image:PromptsIco.png]]  [[Image:PromIcoMenu.png]] ---- =====Measurement System===== Here you can switch between Meters/ Miles. [[Image:MeasureIco.png]] ---- =====Clock===== Here you can switch between 24 or 12 hours clock. [[Image:24ClockIco.png]] ---- =====Auto Zoom===== Here you can turn on\off the auto zoom. [[Image:AutoZoomIco.png]] ---- =====Show Points Ticker===== Here you can turn on\off the points ticker. [[Image:ShowPointsIco.png]] ---- =====Back Light On===== Here you can turn on\off the back light. [[Image:BacklightIco.png]] ---- =====Auto-Learns Routes===== Here you can turn on\off the auto-learn routes mode. [[Image:AutoRoutICO.png]] ---- =====Events Radius===== [[Image:EventsRad2.png]] Here you can select the range which you'll receive events notifications during your ride.  ---- =====Notifications===== [[Image:NotifiC.png]] Here you can select the types of notifications you will receive. ---- == Profile == [[Image:ProfileSc.png]] Here you can sing in with a different user, select your privacy settings and sing in to a 3 different social networks. ---- ====[[Image:PrivIco.png]] Privacy==== [[Image:PrivaCyScr.png]] Here you can set up your privacy settings, such as Nickname, FB/Twitter details, etc. ---- [[#Show me as| Show me as]] ---- '''Show Facebook Details:''' ---- [[#My FB name| My FB name]] [[#My FB picture| My FB picture]] [[#My Facebook profile link| My profile link]] ---- '''Show Twitter Details:''' ---- [[#My Twitter link| My profile link]] ---- ====Show me as==== Here you can select to show your Nickname or stay anonymous. [[Image:PrivShowMeAs.png]] ---- ====My FB name==== Here you can choose whether your Facebook name will be revealed to your friends only, to everyone or to no one. [[Image:FBshowName.png]] ---- ====My FB picture==== Here you can choose whether your Facebook picture will be revealed to your friends only, to everyone or to no one. [[Image:FBshowPic.png]] ---- ====My Facebook profile link==== Here you can choose whether a link to your Facebook profile will be revealed to your friends only, to everyone or to no one. [[Image:FBshowProf.png]] ---- ====My Twitter link==== Here you can choose whether a link to your Twitter profile will be revealed to your friends only, to everyone or to no one. [[Image:TwitShowProf.png]] ---- == Twitter Account == [[Image:TwitterAccounT.png]] Here you can sign in to your Twitter account and set up different settings. == Facebook Account == [[Image:FacebookAccount.png]] Here you can sign in to your Facebook account and set up different settings. == Foursquare Account == [[Image:FourSquareAccount.png]] Here you can sign in to your Foursquare account and set up different settings. ==[[Image:MapsEDR.png]] Map ==General Map Settings menu: [[Image:MapsMenuGTR.png]] Here you can set up your map settings, like colors and events to appear on the map. ---- ====Maps color scheme==== Tapping the “Map color scheme” button, will open the following screen: [[Image:ColorScheme.png]] Here you can select your map color.---- ==[[Image:DataUser.png]] Data Usage== [[Image:DataUs.png]] Here you can set up the data usage settings. ---- ==[[Image:RoutingIco.png]] Routing == [[Image:RoutingMenu.png]] Here you can set up your Routing preferences:Choosing between Fastest/Shortest route, selecting whether to include dirt roads in your navigation, minimizing turns, avoiding highways and preferring cookie munching (in roads without connectivity).  {| cellpadding="2" style="border: 1px solid darkgray;! width="140" | Type! width="150" | Dirt roads|- border="0"| [[Image:TypeRou.png]]| [[Image:DirtRou.png]]|- align="center"|} ---- ==[[Image:Gr123.png]] Groups == Here you can set up yours preferences for pop-up reports and groups icons. [[Image:GrMenu.png]] {| cellpadding="2" style="border: 1px solid darkgray;! width="140" | Pop-up reports! width="150" | Waze group icons|- border="0"| [[Image:PopRep.png]]| [[Image:WazeGrIcon.png]]|- align="center"|} ---- ==[[Image:SpreadWor.png]] Spread the word == [[Image:SpreadWor1.png]] Here you can share the application with your friends and write a review about Waze in Apple Store\Chomp.  '''NOTE''': Reviewing Waze on Apple store, will close the application. ---- ==[[Image:AboutIco.png]] Help/ About== [[Image:HelpAboutMenu.png]] Here you can get supportive information about the Waze and send logs when needed. ---- == Groups == Tap on the [[Image:6eng.png]] button from the bottom menu. [[Image:5eng.png]] Then tap on the "Groups" button. [[Image:GrMainMenu.png]] ---- ===== Create Group ===== Tap on [[Image:CreateGrNew.png]] to create new group. [[Image:CreateGrMEnu.png]] [[#Adding Icon| Adding Icon]] [[#Group Name| Group Name]] [[#Group Twitter Account| Group Twitter Account]] [[#Group Facebook Fan Page| Group Facebook Fan Page]] ---- ===== Adding Icon===== Tap on [[Image:AddnewIco.png]] to add new Icon for the group: [[Image:NewIcoMenu.png]] ---- =====Group Name===== [[Image:GrName.png]] Here you can select a name for the group. '''Note! once you select a name, you can't change it. The name is permanent. ---- =====Group Twitter Account===== Tap on [[Image:GrTwitterACT.png]] to keep your group connected to Twitter. [[Image:GrTwitterACTMenu.png]] ---- =====Group Facebook Fan Page===== Tap on [[Image:GrFaceBACTMenu.png]] to keep your group connected to Facebook. [[Image:GrFaceBACTMenu2.png]] ---- Tap on [[Image:CreaGrp.png]] to finish and creating the group. == Joining to existing Group == You can search for a group by taping on the icon [[Image:SearchIco.png]] To join a group just tap on the [[Image:PlusIco.png]] icon. The following message will appear: [[Image:AddGrp.png]] To quit a group you've joined to, tap on the [[Image:MinusIco.png]] button. The following message will appear:  [[Image:QuitGrp2.png]] ---- '''Additional Info''' By taping on the name of the group, for example: [[Image:NameOfGrp.png]] You will get additional info about this group: [[Image:AdditioGrpInfo.png]] - Number of members. - New Users. - New Reports. - Facebook account. - Twitter Account. - The Owner of the group. - When the group was created. By taping on the members button [[Image:UserInGrp.png]] you will see all the members of this group: [[Image:NumbersUsersGRP.png]] To join the group, click the [[Image:JoinGRPIco.png]] button. ---- === Main Group === To set a group as your main group, tap on MINE tab to see the groups that you are following and tap on the gray star [[Image:StarGr.png]] [[Image:StarGrMenu.png]] To cancel main group, tap on the yellow star [[Image:YellowStar.png]] ---- === Edit Your Group === In order to edit a group that you've created, tap on [[Image:MineGrp.png]] and select your group [[Image:MyGrp.png]]. You will see your group info: [[Image:MyGRPmenu.png]] To edit tap on [[Image:EditBtnGrp.png]]  [[Image:EditGrpMenu2.png]] Here you can [[#Adding Icon| Change Icon]], Description, [[#Group Twitter Account| Group Twitter Account]], [[#Group Facebook Fan Page| Group Facebook Fan Page]]. Tap "save" to save your changes. ---- ==Navigation== In order to navigate tap on [[Image:DriveTobtn.png]] button from the bottom menu [[Image:Btnbtn.png]] The Drive To Menu will appear: [[Image:DrivetoMenu.png]] [[#My Favorites| My Favorites]] [[#Recent Searches| Recent Searches]] [[#Saved locations| Saved locations]] [[#Contacts| Contacts]] ---- ===[[Image:StarFav.png]] My Favorites === In order to add an address/place to your favorites, first search for one, using the search bar. [[Image:SearchBarIco.png]] [[Image:SearchText.png]] [[Image:DriveToSearch.png]] Tapping on [[Image:ArrowNext.png]] will open these options: [[Image:NavigateToMenu.png]] Select whether to Navigate to the destination, show the destination on the map, or add it to your favorites. After selecting '''Add to Favorites''', enter a name for it. [[Image:GiveAname.png]] to save tap on [[Image:DoneBTNMenu.png]] ---- ===[[Image:RecentSearch.png]] Recent Searches ===Here you can view your recent searches [[Image:RecentSearches.png]] Tapping on [[Image:ArrowNext.png]] will open these options :  [[Image:OptionNavMemu.png]] Select between: {|border="1"|-align="left"! scope="col" | '''Drive'''| Cell 1 | drive to the location.|-align="left"! scope="row" | '''Show on map'''| Cell 2 | show the location on the map.|- align="left"! scope="row" | '''Delete'''| Cell 3 | to delete the location from the resent searches menu.|- align="left"! scope="row" | '''Add to favorites'''| Cell 4 | add the location to favorite menu.|- align="left"|} ---- ===[[Image:SavedLoc.png]] Saved locations === In order to save a location, tap on the location on map for a few seconds and a pop up menu will open. Select [[Image:SaveLocIco.png]] Enter a name for the location. [[Image:ChooseNameLoc.png]] Tap [[Image:SaveIco.png]] to add the location to your Saved Locations. [[Image:ReMenufin.png]] ---- === Delete Location from Favorites/ Saved Locations === Select the location you want to delete from your Favorites or Saved Locations and tap on [[Image:ArrowNext.png]] {| cellpadding="2" style="border: 1px solid darkgray;! width="140" | Favorites! width="150" | Saved Locations|- border="0"| [[Image:OptionMenuDelete.png]]| [[Image:OptionMenuDeleteSaved.png]]|- align="center"|} Select '''Delete''' to remove the location. ---- ===[[Image:ContactIco.png]] Contacts === == Search Address == Tap on the search bar to search address or place [[Image:SearchBarIco.png]] [[Image:SearchForAddr.png]] Tap on [[Image:SearchIconBar.png]] [[Image:ResSearchMen.png]]  [[Image:RouteFound.png]] Select '''Drive''' or '''Alternatives'''. ---- ==== Alternatives ==== Here you will find alternatives routes for your destination (the routes differ in time and distance): [[Image:AlterRouMenu.png]] You can compare them visually by tapping on [[Image:CompareIco.png]] {|border="1"|-align="center"! scope="col" | Route 1| Cell 1 | '''Route 2'''|-align="center"! scope="row" | [[Image:CompareVis1.png]]| Cell 2 | [[Image:CompareVis2.png]]|- align="center"! scope="row" | Route 3| Cell 3 | '''All Together'''|- align="center"! scope="row" | [[Image:CompareVis3.png]]| Cell 4 | [[Image:CompareVisAll.png]]|- align="center"|}  To see the navigation list, tap on [[Image:GreenBtnMenu.png]] [[Image:GreenBtnMenu2.png]] A pop up menu will appear: [[Image:GreenBtnMenu2Pop.png]] Select [[Image:NavigationList.png]] [[Image:NavigationList2.png]] ---- ==== How to stop Navigation ==== To stop the navigation tap on [[Image:GreenBtnMenu.png]]  [[Image:GreenBtnMenu2.png]] A pop up menu will appear: [[Image:GreenBtnMenu2Pop.png]] Select [[Image:StopNavigation.png]] ----
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