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Next, read and accept the waze terms & conditions
[[Image:TermUsr1TermUsr2.png]] [[Image:TermUsr2TermUsr1.png]]
== Login ==
Choose '''Sign up''' to log in, or '''Sign inGet Started''' to use an existing user name / password (if you already created a waze user in the past).Note: you can also choose to use waze anonymously. Choose '''sign inSign up''' at this screen to proceed anonymously.
If you forgot your password, you can visit this page and ask for a password reset:
==== Sign Up ====
When you choose After choosing [[Image:LoginScr.Sign.png]] you will get to this page:
If you'd like to use waze without creating a user, press the '''skip''' button. You will be able to create a user later on.
'''NOTE I:''' If you choose to use waze as a guest('''skip'''), you will not able to use the any of the functions inside the in our web page and all , such as editing your routes on the map. If you decide to create a user later on, the points and score it you accumulate as a guest will not be accumulate in passed on to your account. '''NOTE II:''' The “send me updates” box indicates the option to get or not to get update and news mails in your personal mailbox.After pressing the skip button, the following screen will show up: 
In here, you have another time an option to create a user name or continue working with a temporal user name.
== Twitter ==
Next Setting up your twitter account can be done through this screen is: 
If you don't have twitter, or prefer not to link your waze account with your twitter account, just leave these fields blank and hit '''next'''.