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Junction Style Guide/Interchange

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Wayfinders: Added mention that an "unnecessary" space will be flagged by WME Validator.
::#Add a control/destination city, if it is known, to the OUT segment name.
::#Remove the compass cardinal from the OUT segment name.
::#Add a space to the end of the OUT segment name.(note that this will be flagged by the WME Validator script, if active, and possibly result in undoing)
::#Create a stub in the IN segment just before the junction with no street name.
* Do '''not''' use "to" at the beginning of the name of the continuation segment (the user is already on the road, not going "to" it).
* Each "stub" segment should be {{:Segment length/Minimum}} long. This is long enough so it will not cause routing problems, but it is short enough to suppress display of the names (on Freeway stubs) and keep freeways looking contiguous (on Ramp stubs).