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* {{tl|AM/State}} - Statewide Area Managers heading with optional State Name as first parameter
* {{tl|AM/Area}} - Area Managers heading
* {{tl|AM/AreaLink}} - Area Managers heading w/link to edit <small><code><nowiki>{{{{RootPage}}/AM/Editor/Area}}</nowiki></code></small>
* {{tl|AM/Area2Link}} - Other Area manager table heading w/link to edit <small><code><nowiki>{{{{RootPage}}/AM/Editor/Area2}}</nowiki></code></small>
* {{tl|AM/Bottom}} - Bottom the the template
* {{tl|AM/Colspan}} - Variable used to span columns for headers
* Arizona/Test
* Puerto Rico
=== AM/Top ===
When using the AM table to also display Google Hangouts avatars, and display names, you can modify the header row accordingly.
The {{Tl|AM/Top}} accepts two ''optional'' named parameters, which modify it to support GHO avatars and names.
*{{para|gho|yes}} = Will add a new line under "Username" with a Google Hangouts lookalike icon, and the default text "GHO Display Name".
*{{para|ghoName|DISPLAY TEXT}} = Can be used to change the default text shown next to the icon. This is only applied if {{para|gho|yes}} is also used.
For example {{tlx|AM/Top|gho{{=}}yes}} will produce:
{{AM/Editor|GoogleMapMakerKing|6|Statewide|Silicon Valley, Mountainview, New York|badge1=gc|gho=Royal GMM}}
For a custom text {{tlx|AM/Top|gho{{=}}yes|ghoName{{=}}Nickname}} will produce:
=== AM/Editor ===
The {{tlctlx|AM/Editor}} has three four unnamed parameters in the following order:
* Editor name
* Editor rank
* Area Managed
* Comments
Any field (besides the Editor name) can be skipped, but the pipe character must be present. There are two '''optional''' named parameters for displaying a Google Hangout avatar, and nickname.* {{Para|gho|GHO DISPLAY NAME}} - When used it will display this name in gray on a new line below the username. It can be placed after the comments or badge parameters.* {{Para|pic|File:Avatar USERNAME.png}} - When used will display the image you provide to the left of your GHO name. If not used a default Google style color tile with your initial will be shown instead. Example: {{Pre2|<nowiki>{{AM/Editor|WazingTime||Statewide|}}</nowiki>}}Produces:{{AM/TopExample}}{{AM/Editor|WazingTime||Statewide|}}{{AM/Bottom}} ==== AM/Badge ====The {{tl|AM/Badge}} templates are added to the {{tl|AM/Editor}} template lines. A senior editor can also display one of the following [[Your_Rank_and_Points#Forum_badges|forum badges]] in the comments section (up to three) with the first badge providing the color background for the editor's entry. The named parameters should follow the unnamed parameters ({{para|badge1}} {{para|badge2}} {{para|badge3}}{{para|badge4}} {{para|badge5}}) should follow the unnamed parameters (e. Change g. user name, rank, area managed, comment). Make the first badge that of the order to change desired color for the user's background color to a different badge.
:{{AM/Badge|GC}} GC or Global Champ
:{{AM/Badge|RC}} RC or Regional Coordinator
:{{AM/Badge|CM}} CM or Country Manager
:{{AM/Badge|SM}} SM or State Manager
:{{AM/Badge|MGC}} MGC or Mentor Global Champ
:{{AM/Badge|M}} M or Mentor
:{{AM/Badge|LAM}} LAM or Large Area Manager
:{{AM/Badge|MSM}} MSM or Multi State Manager
:{{AM/Badge|AM}} AM or Area Manager
:{{AM/Badge|MR}} ''MR or Map Raider - Note: this badge is not to be used in the AM tables, it is added to this template to support off-label use of this template suite for MapRaid! team list tables''
{{AM/Editor|Wazzzzzz|6|Statewide|Mostly Southern California|badge1=mgc|badge2=gc}}
{{AM/Editor|BigCheeze|5|Statewide|Mostly Central California|badge1=rc|badge2=mlc|badge3=lc}}
{{AM/Editor|CountryGuru|5|Country Manager|East coast|badge1=cm}}
{{AM/Editor|StateMan|5|State Manager|Southern California|badge1=sm}}
{{AM/Editor|LargeArea|4|Large Area Manager|Southern California|badge1=lam}}
{| border="1" cellpadding="2"{AM/TopExample}}
{{AM/Editor|WazingTime|6|Statewide|Mostly Northern California|badge1=gc}}
{{AM/Editor|Wazzzzzz|6|Statewide|Mostly Southern California|badge1=mgc|badge2=gc}}
{{AM/Editor|BigCheeze|5|Statewide|Mostly Central California|badge1=rc|badge2=mlc|badge3=lc}}
{{AM/Editor|CountryGuru|5|Country Manager|East coast|badge1=cm}}{{AM/Editor|StateMan|5|State Manager|Southern California|badge1=sm}}=== {{AM/Badge ==Editor|LargeArea|4|Large Area Manager|Southern California|badge1=lam}}The {{tl|AM/BadgeBottom}} ...
== Usage ==
{{AM/Editor|kentsmith9|6|Northern California|Bay Area resident|badge1=gc}}
== Parameters ==
The {{tlctlx|AM/Country}} and {{tlctlx|AM/State}} templates will automatically detect the page name and use that as the state to decide what region should be displayed. If the Area Manager template suite is used on a page with a name not covered in {{tl|RC/Data}}, a parameter can be sent with the State name (spelled out or abbreviated) as in {{tlctlx|AM/State|California}}.
{{AM/Editor|Rank5Example|5|Statewide|Resident of state|badge1=lc|badge2=mlc}}
{{AM/Editor|Rank5Too|5|Statewide|Working in state now|badge1=mlc|badge2=lc}}
{{AM/Editor|CountryGuru|5|Vacation here|Country Manager|East cost|badge1=cm}}
-- Insert Area Manager editors alphabetically below this line -->
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