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WME Toolbox
=== WME Toolbox ===
by [[User:OyyoDams|OyyoDams]]
===<u>'''DOWNLOAD WME Toolbox'''</u>===
* Toolbox is available for [ Chrome], [ Firefox] and [ Safari]
===<u>'''WME Toolbox features'''</u>===
* '''Layers menu with following features:'''
:* Highlight of level-locked segments
:* Highlight of manual locks (greater, equal, less than automatic lock)
:* Highlight of simple segments (which have unneeded geometry nodes) [available for Country Managers]
* '''Toolbar with following features:'''
:* Function to hide the left sidebar
:* Configuration panel for the plugin options
::* Maplink (Brazil)
* '''And more:'''
:* Popups to help new editors on basic editing
:* Option to hide user greetings on the left sidebar
:* Pan the map from screen size
===<u>'''More information'''</u>===
* English: [ ''Script WME Toolbox'' forum thread]
* Français: [ ''Script WME Toolbox'' discussion dans le forum]