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== Road closures and construction projects ==
For Pennsylvania should follow the US Standard for Road Closures or Major/Long Term Construction projects please . Please see the [http:[Road_names//|US Construction Zones &t=64574 Pennsylvania forumRoad Closure Wiki]] for a list of '''long term''' road closures and changes to traffic flow that impact the Waze Map. In regards to updating information regarding closing & labeling flagging roads in the editor that are under construction or closed see [[Road names/USA#Construction zone|Construction Zones]] :When creating a new forum post, please note start and anticipated end dates, and a link to information about the project if available. Include: a [[Waze Map Editor#Permalink|Permalink]] to the road, and change the name of the permalink to reflect the Road Name / Cross Streets.:You may also list them in the [[Pennsylvania/To do#Road Closures.2FConstruction|PA Road Closures / Construction Wiki]]. ''(May be out of date.)''
== Places & Areas (formally Landmarks) ==