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In [ WME], every segment of every Minor Highway, Primary Street, Street, Private Road, Parking Lot Road, and Dirt Road/4x4 Trail '''should''' have a city name applied to it. {{Major Highway|Major Highways}} should have a city name applied to all segments that also have street addresses.
<strike>City names are not required on Freeways and Ramps and may interfere with navigation instructions at ramp interchanges on all highway types. Set city names on highway segments which junction with ramps or on ramps, only if you know how to avoid the [ navigation problems].</strike> <sup>Paragraph under review & up for discussion in [ PA forum]</sup>
The only city name that should be applied to a segment is the incorporated municipal name or the official 2010 Census Designated Place (CDP) name. Do not use other unincorporated names such as villages or neighborhoods. Do not use postal names or areas.