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*See the Waze Wiki
***'''[[Waze Map Editor/Welcome|Welcome page for New Editors]]''' ''A {{U|must read}} for all new editors''
***[[Waze Map Editor]]
***[[Map Editing Quick-start Guide|Editing Quick-start Guide]]
***[[Best map editing practice]]
***[[Junction Style Guide|Common editing mistakes]] ''(A how to guide to common mistakes, their fixes, and constructive edits for new editors)''***[[Junction Style Guide]]
***[[Road names/USA|Road names (USA)]]***[[Highway naming/USA|Highway naming / USA]]***[[Segment length|Segment Length]]
***[[Smudged city|Smudged City]]
*Static Tutorials
**[ '''101:''' Map Editor Presentation]
**Waze Map Editor (WME) Practice Mode
== Informal mentoring resources ==
Formal Mentoring was pioneered in the USA, therefore some of the basic materials for the USA can be used as general guidelines, unless your country has specific guidelines to overrule them.
* [[Mentoring/Formal/USA/Guidelines | Formal Mentoring Guidelines (USA)]]
* [[Mentoring/Formal/USA/Training | Formal Mentor Training (USA)]]
* [http://docsEach new mentor is given a copy of the current skills sheet when they are Skills proficiency expectations by rank (Google Sheets)]<br />Used This is used as a resource to build the skills necessary for their mentees to determine if an editor is be eligible for promotion to the next rank.
* [ Formal Mentoring Curriculum (Google Docs)]<br />Suggestions for outlines, and formats to be incorporated into mentoring sessions. Also contains the comprehensive (still under development) list of mentoring related presentations, their purpose and context.
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