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Camera Speed
The Max Speed for a camera should be set to the speed limit for the road which the speed camera is monitoring in the common units for the jurisdiction as indicated in WME.
The Max Speed can also be set for a Red Light Camera if it monitors for speed limit violations as well as red light violation. Leave the max speed set to blank if speed is not monitored. Zero is not blank; a max speed of zero will cause the camera to always generate an audible alert as discussed below.
While a Red Light Camera will always give an alert in the client as a driver approaches, a Speed Camera will always show a pop-up alert, but will only generate an audible alert if the driver is '''exceeding''' the set Speed Limit as they approach the camera. The Max Speed is stored as a unitless number that is compared to the converted speed based on the Unit setting selected in the App. Thus users will get alerts at lower speeds if Km is selected than if Mile is selected. That is if the speed stored is 45, the app will generate an audible alert if travelling in excess of 45 km/h if Km is selected and will generate an audible alert if traveling in excess of 45 mph if Miles is selected.