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Functional Classification
===Functional Classification===
In the United States, we set our road types using a national standard called, in short, Functional Classification (FC). You can read a detailed explanation in our [ Road Type Wiki]
The Functional Classification has been completed in the Greater LA Area. Every once in a great whileOccasionally, we find a short segment segments that was were missed in the selection process for conversion, and it is important that these be corrected for routing continuity. In general, however, we ask that Road Types not be changed without consulting one of the Local Hosts. (LINK) A few small deviations In isolated cases, we have been hand-tuned here and therechosen to deviate from official classifications, due to errors or outdated information in the Caltrans (DOT) FC maps, or to better accommodate real-life situations and Waze quirks, and it . It is important that these remainintact.
Our local We observe the following minimum locking scheme runs thuslock levels for Waze road types:
Freeway - 5
Ramp - 5