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Junction Style Guide/Interchange

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Freeway/highway splits: introduce fork; but retain MUTCD split for later
Editors covering areas that do not have specific best practices should review the existing guides for other areas, and determine which best matches the roadways of your area.
=== {{anchor|Freeway/highway splits }} Freeway/highway forks===A Highway/Freeway Split Fork is when a Highway/Freeway segment meets at a junction with two other Highway/Freeway segments and there is no obvious straight through direction to a driver. This is synonymous with the MUTCD term "split".
==== {{anchor|Freeway split geometry}}Freeway fork geometry ====
: [[Image:Jct_fwy_fwy_split.png]]
To receive a navigation instruction for '''both''' branches of a splitfork, the following must be true:
# Both exiting segments must be the same type (Freeway, Major Highway, Minor Highway).
# Each exiting segment must have a name which is different from the name of the entering segment.
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