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Junction Style Guide/Interchange

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Freeway split naming: fork
With those conditions met, the junction will present "stay to the left" and "stay to the right" navigation instructions using the name of the appropriate exiting segment.
==== {{anchor|Freeway split naming}}Freeway fork naming ====
The primary rule is that all 3 segments at the junction must have different names. That can be accomplished in one of two ways:
# Using road names alone - It is an easy situation if all three roads which connect have different names. If "Highway A" splits into "Highway B" and "Highway C", then that is all we need to have a properly functioning splitfork.
# Using signs and [[#Wayfinder_Segments|Wayfinder Segments]] - If one of the branches of the split has the same name as the entering segment, we must create uniqueness at the junction. If "Highway X" splits off from "Highway Y" and "Highway X" continues as the other branch, the preferred approach is to use named [[#Wayfinder_Segments|Wayfinder Segments]].
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