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Map Editing Quick-start Guide

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Delete a Junction: Clarifies that a junction node is actually converted to a geometry node and the two segments are combined.
If you are certain the junction is not fulfilling one of the above purposes, then you can remove it with one of three ways:
# Click on the junction, and it will change to a blue dot with a green outline; then click the trash can icon, or use keyboard shortcut Delete or Del key (not backspace). This converts the junction into a geometry node and merges the two segments. Only two segments must be connected at a junction before you can delete it.
# Select segments on either side of the junction, and click the Bridge icon which appears over the junction. Note that this will also increase the level of the segments by 1, so this method is best used only when replacing an inadvertent junction with an overpass.
# The third option is not recommended, but if the segment is very short, you can select one junction at one end of the short segment to make it blue with green outline, and drag it to the other end of the segment. This method has three drawbacks: a) all road data will be lost from that segment, b) if there are geometry nodes on that short segment, they must be deleted first to prevent errors when saving, and c) the new junction will have turn restrictions not previously set that will need to be reviewed from each segment entering the junction.