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Map editing: map location and map editing; cheat warn
<!-- this link has a script that needs to be added. -->
=== Map editing location ===
==== Open Waze Map Editor from LiveMap ====
''A drag-n-drop link can be copied from [ this dropbox page] (AlanOfTheBerg's dropbox).''
=== Map editing ==={{Cheat warn}}
==== Custom location scripts ====
If you know of a script for a specific area, please add it to this list or request help from [ this forum] for it to be added.
javascript:(function() {var UpdateSegmentGeometry=require("Waze/Action/UpdateSegmentGeometry"); Object.forEach(Waze.selectionManager.selectedItems, function(k, va) {v=va.model;if (v && v.type == "segment" && v.geometry.components.length > 2) {var geo = v.geometry.clone(); geo.components.splice(1,geo.components.length-2);geo.components[0].calculateBounds(); geo.components[1].calculateBounds();Waze.model.actionManager.add(new UpdateSegmentGeometry(v, v.geometry, geo));}});})();</nowiki>}}
=== User information and communication ===
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