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*/Area manager table update*/
{{AM/Editor|SkiDooGuy|5|San Diego| Southern California Area Manager and enthusiast|badge1=sm|badge2=m}}
{{AM/Editor|MojaveCactusMonkey|5|Las Vegas to Los Angeles|A NV State Manager|badge1=sm|badge2=m}}
{{AM/Editor|SuperDave1426|5|Lake Tahoe & surrounding areaNorthern California; Greater Los Angeles area (not actively editing L.A.beyond Lake Tahoe area, but available to help when needed)|A Nevada State Manager|badge1=sm}}
{{AM/Editor|citeman|4|Los Angeles| Long Beach, Los Angeles, Orange County}}
{{AM/Editor|DwarfLord|4|San Francisco & Peninsula, Monterey Bay Area, Salinas Valley|I ''like'' the fog}}