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When to use Area or Point in Canada
== When to use Area or Point in Canada ==
Here is the Canadian guidance on selecting Area or Point for Places in the Waze Map Editor.  '''All Optional Area''' shall only be used after consulting local area managers on regional guidelines. The place must be a significant landmark with navigational value in the community. For example: a Canadian Tire in Hepburn, SK (population 500) is of significance. However, the same sized Canadian Tire is of zero significance in the Greater Toronto Area. We do not want to impose hard & fast rules for the '''Optional Area''' category. Please use some judgement, we do not want to see wall-to-wall areas are for every single building structure on the map. '''Optional Area''' shall be landmarked to just the building structure only, do not include the parking lot area. '''Fence-line Areas''' shall be landmarked from fence line to fence line''' to include all parking lots, roads, and anything associated with the property. Parking lot roads (PLRs), parking lots, and gas stations all serve the same purpose.
{{Red|The Primary Category for a Place is used to determine whether to use a Point or Area.}}