Street ID

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A Street ID is a piece of the Waze back-end data structure which contains attributes that are applicable to every segment of a street (and not just on a segment-by-segment basis).

A unique Street ID exists for each unique combination of street, city, and state.

For example, each of the following combinations has a different Street ID:

  • Main St, Anytown, Pennsylvania
  • Second St, Anytown, Pennsylvania
  • Main St, Otherville, Pennsylvania
  • Main St, [no city], Pennsylvania
  • Main St, Anytown, Oregon
  • US-90, [no city], Texas
  • US-90, Orange, Texas
  • US-90 W, Orange, Texas
  • US-90 E, Orange, Texas
  • US-90, [no city], Louisiana

Shields are added at the Street ID level.