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Hi, With regards to the following list:

Search in Bing, Google, Foursquare, Yelp, Contact list

You can find more search results by sliding left or right the search bar below:

  • HNav4Waze.PNG Waze
  • YelpIcoNew.PNG Yelp
  • HNav4c.PNG Google
  • YpIcon.JPG Yellow Pages
  • HNav4b.PNG Foursquare
  • BingIcoNew.PNG Bing
  • HNav4a.PNG Contact list

I was wondering if Google search is still an option? It is absent from the list for me (Waze 3.5.3), and I wanted to make sure it's not an issue on my end.

Also, I know Google search used to be an option for me, and I was wondering if anyone remembers at what version it was removed?