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Embedded Script Links

Would it be possible to get links for these scripts hyperlinked under the appropriate text?

USPS Alternate City Names]]

Editing Sources
  • Script: WME US Government Boundaries, which will show you the USPS city name and the zip code lines
  • Script: WME TN Cities Overlay, which will show you the boundaries of incorporated cities

System Based Area Places

Editing Procedure
  • Script: WME Place Harmonizer (aka WMEPH), which will help guide you through completing place edits to current standards
  • Script: WME Place Interface Enhancements (aka WME PIE), which streamlines the place interface

Speed Limits

Editing Procedure
  • Extension: WME Toolbox, which will show you color-coded speed limits set on segments
  • Script: WME Speedhelper, which adds clickable speed limit buttons to your WME interface

Functional Classification (FC)

Recommended Resources and Tools:
  • Script: WME Counties Tennessee Census 2014, which will show the boundaries of TN counties on your WME interface

Map Comment Needed?

Functional Classification (FC)

Editing Procedure
2. Implement lock levels to match the WME road type
  1. If a segment is deliberately upgraded above FC, please lock to +1 above its normal lock level. i.e. if a segment is marked on FC as PS, and we agree to upgrade it to mH, please lock at 4 and leave a Map Comment to explain the high locking. That sends a message to future editors that this upgrade was deliberate.


Kyhtak (talk) 13:59, 15 November 2017 (UTC)kyhtak