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This page contains one or more broken links likely from an incomplete Wikipedia documentation import. If you edit this page, consider either adding the missing links or update the template code and this documentation to not use any of the missing references.
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This template is added to documentation pages that have bad links typically from an incomplete Wikipedia import, which will need to be fixed, but the current editor is unable to complete the update of the documentation at the time of creation or edit. Some of the links may just need to be removed if they reference unnecessary information. Other times there may be missing templates used with the code that will need to be implemented or removed from the template code.


Place {{template doc cleanup}} at the top of a page to produce the default message box.

Alternately, the following optional variables can be used to adjust the generic message:

{{template doc cleanup
| section  = yes

Note that the |section= parameter will change the displayed text in the message box.



The text can be altered to reflect the bad links are present on the whole page (default) or just one or more sections (this parameter). Use |section=yes for instances where the bad link(s) are specific to one section. Do not include this parameter, or set it to anything else to result in indicating the bad links are present somewhere in the whole page.

Where used

Editors can find all occurrences of this template with what links here for the Template doc cleanup template.

Categories added

This template will automatically add [[Category:Template documentation cleanup]] to the page for tracking.

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