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Resources for new map editors

  • If you are looking for a video introduction to Waze map editing, see the Waze Map Editing Academy video playlist.
  • A Welcome Message to new map editors can be found here.
  • Please be aware copyrighted data from external sources generally cannot be used as references for map editing, unless personally verifiable, available within the Waze Map Editor interface (without the use of scripts), or in the public domain. Knowledge gleaned from examining photographs and videos are generally acceptable.

After getting their feet wet and having some experience with map editing, all map editors should review the this list of edits to avoid.

WME Scripts

Scripts are community-supported snippets of code which are loaded in your web browser in conjunction with the Waze Map Editor in order to enhance your map editing experience. Here are a few script which most editors find helpful. Please read the General installation instructions before installing scripts.

WME Chat addon Adds functionality to the chat window at the bottom left of your editing window
URComments-Enhanced (URC-E) Helps manage URs (update requests)
WME Toolbox Adds general functionality and flagging to the Waze Map Editor
WME Place Harmonizer Helps maintain a consistent "look and feel" for businesses which have more than one retail site.
WME GIS Layers Adds GIS layers into WME for states and counties with available public GIS interface

State-Specific Resources

Additional map editing resources and reference maps which are state specific can be found on the respective state pages:

Connecticut Mapping Resources
Maine Mapping Resources
Massachusetts Mapping Resources
New Hampshire Mapping Resources
Rhode Island Mapping Resources
Vermont Mapping Resources