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Many rural driveways are mapped in the Plains region.

Rural driveways in Kansas and Missouri should frequently be mapped (as Parking Lot Roads), even if shorter than the general Driveways recommendation of 50 meters. Drivers will often be travelling at a high speed, and an upcoming turn provides advanced warning of their destination. Driveways also serve as useful navigation landmarks on otherwise featureless rural roads, especially during night time navigation. If they are not mapped, a Wazer driving on one may be mistakenly snapped to a nearby road and interfere with the speed data or provide confusing directions.

If the addresses for properties on the driveway are known, delete the relevant House Numbers and add Residential Place Points (RPPs).

  • The RPP must be complete including the address number, street name, city name, and entry/exit point as noted in the Things to remember section of the HN page under the If the correct stop point for a house/business is on a different road than its address road bullet point.
  • Ensure the entry/exit point is placed clearly to one side of the road segment, not on top of the road segment.

Urban driveways do not qualify for mapping in most circumstances unless they meet certain route-aiding criteria as defined in the national standards for Driveways.