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Improving the map while driving

Just drive around with Waze turned on

  • The easiest way to improve Waze is just drive around with Waze turned on. Every time you travel, even if you are not using Waze to guide you, turn it on. You don't have to do anything. Waze will use the information from your journey to calculate average speeds at the time you are driving, check for errors and improve road layout. It learns the direction of roads and which turns are allowed. The more data, the more accurate it will be.
  • When you later use Waze for directions, you'll benefit from better routes using the information you helped collect
  • You don't need to make special trips with Waze. In fact Waze works best on your regular trips
  • With Waze on, you'll get free road reports on local traffic conditions automatically
  • Last but not least, for every km driven with Waze on, you gain points to increase your level

Add a missing road on your trip

Driving on a road that is not in Waze yet? Record it while driving:

App Report.png

Tap Report

App Map Issue.png

Tap Map Issue

Pave from App.png
Pave drive.PNG

Select Pave and then tap the Pave button

Continue driving with Waze open as you pave the new road. You'll see a red road appear in red.

Once you've finished, tap the Map issue icon on the left side of the map and tap Stop.

The road must be confirmed in the editor. You can edit yourself, or alert another editor by reporting a Map Issue. Oh, and of course, this will give you points as well!

Preferring a video over text?

Validate new roads with Pacman

Pacman roads.png

Newly mapped roads show dots in the App. Many Wazers call these Pacman-roads, as driving there will transform you into pacman munching the dots. Well done! You add new information to the roads, and let the system know they really exists. In turn, you just earned extra points! It can take up to a few days, before the road will lose the dots in your App and appear confirmed. So you might as well do this several times.

Report Map Issues

Having trouble routing? Report a Map Issue.

App Report.png

Tap Report

App Map Issue.png

Tap Map Issue

You can add a description if you have the time for it. Of course, don't type while driving! An editor will handle your report. If something is unclear, you might get additional questions. For every report and reaction, Waze grants you with extra points.

Too busy to report? Let us know what needs to be improved when you have time. Go to the Livemap, and click on the location to report a problem.

Report Hazards on the road

You can warn your fellow Wazers for potholes, police checks, accidents and road closures etc.. Press the App Report.pngReport button again and choose the applicable icon. With a data connection, the warnings will be visible on the map immediately.

Long-pressing the report button gives 3 instant report options for quick reporting of hazards, police and traffic jams. Your fellow Wazers will be grateful, and Waze thanks you with extra points.

Update Gas Prices

Gas Prices can only be updated by users in the app. You must be within a radius of 0.3 miles and above the rank of a baby Wazer to update gas prices.

App Report.png

Tap Report

Select Gas Prices

  • If you are within 0.3 miles of a gas station they will appear
  • Select the Gas Station and update the prices and earn 8 points!

Edit the Waze Map.

Kingwaze.jpg Enjoy your ride!