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Understanding the Waze navigation process can help map editors to better understand the effect of changes made to the Waze map.

Selecting A Destination


When a user enters search and selects a destination, several factors effect how the destination location is determined.

Completed Queries

When a user enters a search query, Waze typically compares the the search queries to Address and Place data from Waze and Google. If the search query is parsed as an address (e.g. starts with a numeral or ends with a street identifier like Rd, St, Blvd, etc) then the search defaults to the "Search Results" tab. Otherwise, the search query is considered for a place and the search defaults to the "Places" tab. In either case, the search algorithm determines a score based on comparing the search query to destination data including the name/address, the distance from the current location and other parameters. The results are then presented in the order of the score. Results can come from both Waze data, Google data.