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Il Mentoring è un ottimo metodo per imparare da chi ha più esperienza o per trasmettere la propria conoscenza agli altri, e questa interazione non fa che contribuire a fare crescere la comunità di Waze.


Il Mentoring è il processo in cui un editor con più esperienza (il mentor) impartisce la propria abilità e conoscenza a qualcuno che ne ha meno (l'allievo, o come definito dal programma di Mentoring formale di Waze, il mentee).

Normalmente un Mentor è molto più esperto di un Mentee. In alcuni casi un Mentor può avere meno esperienza in generale, ma una significativa conoscenza di uno o più argomenti. Sono disponibili due forme principali di mentoring in Waze; Mentoring formale, e Mentoring informale. Uno non è destinato a sostituire l'altra, ma invece sono progettati per coesistere. Ognuno di essi ha i suoi 'propri vantaggi e svantaggi che verranno discussi di seguito.

Mentoring formale

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Formal Mentoring is a structured program, where a specific officially approved Waze Mentor and a Mentee are brought together, with a responsibility to accomplish a specific goal. The goal will be a defined objective, duration, and under a common set of rules, with the purpose to better some aspect of their Waze interaction. The objective may be building a particular skill over time, learning to participate in a certain aspect of the Waze community, learning how a portion of the Waze technology works, or mastering the skills required to increase the Mentees' editing rank.

Formal Mentoring can accelerate advancement of editor rank and/or roles while maintaining quality of editing and Waze Community interaction.

A Formal Mentoring arrangement will define the methods of communication, the frequency, and their intensity, and will include a definable objective, and normally a target date for completion.

Formal mentoring is still in a trial phase, and is currently only available in certain countries,

For more details on Formal Mentoring, see Mentoring/Formal.

Mentoring informale

Most of the mentoring on Waze takes place informally, without structure. Informal Mentoring goes on all the time when one Wazer asks a question of another and when one Wazer helps another. This happens any time two editors with different experience levels in some aspect of editing get together to help the Mentee better understand that aspect, and how to implement that knowledge.

We encourage you to engage in such interaction regularly and have some ideas for you here. Examples include the Waze Forum, WME Chat, dialog through Private Messages, and much more. Becoming a regular Informal Mentor is a great way to see if you're good at teaching various editing skills, and might be interested in Formal Mentoring.

Informal Mentoring usually either has no goal beyond the immediate issue at hand, or it may be a repeated interaction without an overarching defined goal guiding all of those interactions. Neither party has any formal responsibility to the other.

For more details on Informal Mentoring, see Mentoring/Informal.

Risorse per il Mentoring

A list of available resources which can be used as part of both Formal, and Informal Mentoring is available at Mentoring/Resources.

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