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Rank table

The following table provides a quick reference to the various rank related values discussed on this page.

Category Description Minimum Rank
Segment - Delete Delete a segment not created by themselves 2.
Real time closure (RTC) Create or edit a road closure including adding it to an MTE 3.
MTE - Create or edit Create or edit an MTE 1.
Difficult turn Set a difficult turn 3.
Headlights required Create or edit headlights required attribute 4.
House Number Force force house numbers to save 2.
Junction box Create or edit a junction box 4.
Place - Automatically trusted rank No longer require multiple edits to be approved before become trusted 2.
Place - Approved edits to be trusted Currently, an unpublished number of approved edits are required before being trusted.
Place - Add external provider Add an external provider to a place 2.
Place - Flagged content needing approval The highest rank requiring approval on flagged content 2.
Routing - Preferred or unpreferred Change preferred or unpreferred routing on a segment 4.
City - Add new Create a new city (not add an existing city to an object) 4.
City - Rename Change the name of a city (and thus the name shown in the address of every segment and place where it is used) CM
Update Request (UR) Close an Update Request not created by themselves 2.
Snapshot - Access Enter snapshot mode 4.
Server - Quick select See the server selector on the main WME display 4.
Area manager Receive area manager status (typically) 3.