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Hello! I'm FourLoop, an editor in Missouri and Florida, who's simply trying to make people's day one edit better.

I joined in July 2019.



7/10/2019 - L1
7/20/2019 - L2
8/26/2019 - L3
6/08/2020 - L4


8/26/2019 - First area (Northeast Missouri)
11/29/2019 - Second area (Southeast Florida)
4/07/2020 - Extension of first area (Northern Missouri, including KCMO and STL)
06/10/2020 - Extension of first area (All of Missouri, including KCMO and STL areas)


Since September 2019, I've helped out with RTCs in the Southeast region. Before I gained RTC permissions, I'd help by posting PLs to closures.

9/12/2019 - First post in the channel
2/17/2020 - Joined the team! Closure area was over my managed area in Southeast Florida
5/27/2020 - Statewide Florida RTC Permissisons


VEOC - Helped with Hurricane Dorian preparation during the 2019 Hurricane season.
MO-KS MapRaid 2019 - Completed about 3,000 edits of work. First MapRaid I participated in!
NoFL-Alabama MapRaid 2019 - Completed about 1,000 edits of work.
Maine MapRaid 2020 - Completed about 1,000 edits of work.
Beta WME - From 9/26/2019 to today.

Self Projects

Lewis County, Missouri - Helped fix up most/all roads in the county.


Informal mentoring received from User:Willdanneriv and User:LostRiver2008.