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Programs, Tools and Hints for Waze editing and administration

WME Editing tips:

- With any editing problem in WME, do a Permalink, then a F5 screen refresh to attempt to correct the WME issue. if this does not work, then press Ctrl-Shift-R (?-Shift-R on a Mac) For more see:

- It is not possible to hold down the Ctrl key to select multiple nodes like it is possible to do with segments. Therefore if you want to create a PL with multiple nodes shown selected, create a PL with one node, then append the other node id numbers to the PL directly separated by commas. It does not appear possible to combine nodes and segments in one PL.

- Toggle the "Segment Lock" check to and different rank, then back to the desired when multiple segments are selected to lock the rank for all segments selected to that rank.

- Toggle the Shift-A short-cut key to see updated turn restrictions.

- Stubborn Nodes. Disconnect segments from a node, then reconnect them when nodes will not connect properly.

- Zoom Chrome to 90% (less may lose WME layer visibility then use F11 to maximize editing area for screen captures, etc.

- Edit the Permalink in the URL to remove the first letter "T" in the layers parameter to be able to see the entire county, with AM layers, Roads, and Editable Area layers still active.

- It is possible to post a User Request for yourself using Waze LiveMaps to use as a reminder or note to other editors.

- A trick to hear the TTS of ramp names while driving is to choose a destination that is opposite of your actual travel. Routing will prompt you to exit to change your route, thus allowing you to hear the TTS for every exit you pass.
Forum tips:

- Since attachments are not permitted in the forum Private Messages, see the hint below for Dropbox.

- Custom text can be added to the [quote] BBCode to display more than just a username.
1) Add text with an equal sign after the word "quote" as in this example:

[quote="This is a test"]

which will put the phrase {"This is a test wrote:] before the quoted text.

2) Linkable URLs can also be inserted in the quote BBCode:

[quote="[URL=]The website CNN [/URL]"]

will then say {"The website CNN wrote} with those words being a link.

- Similar to the above use of URLs, the same can be done with the email tag:

[]Click here to email me[/email]

3) One tag that is missing in the BBCode help is "table". While this tag was added by Waze to the standard phpbb form, it is a very simple implementation with only the most basic functions.

Here is the usage:

[tr][td]this is the first cell of row 1[/td][td]this is the second cell of row 1[/td][/tr]
[tr][td]this is the first cell of row 2[/td][td]this is the second cell of row 2[/td][/tr]

This would create a 2 by 2 box with borders.
Caution. "Returns" may only be inserted within "td" tags, as they will result in extra lines above the table. Therefore the above example must be enter as:

[table][tr][td]this is the first cell of row 1[/td][td]this is the second cell of row 1[/td][/tr][tr][td]this is the first cell of row 2[/td][td]this is the second cell of row 2[/td][/tr] [table]

Also note that no parameters are allowed within the tags, and nesting of tables within tables is not possible.

- The [code] tag can also accept a parameter, [code=php] which will colorize the content appropriately for php code.

PC based helper programs: (Programs listed are used on my Windows 7, 64 bit OS. and may work on other Windows systems as well. Mac versions may be be available for some programs.)

- BlueStacks and Fake GPS app. -
Allow simulation of Android based apps on a PC. (add instructions here to hear TTS files)

- Dropbox cross platform cloud file sharing -
Cross platform cloud storage repository for images and files, with many features and supported by many mobile apps and PC programs. HINT: Images can easily be displayed (embedded) within Private Messages by replacing the "www" of the image URL with "dl", since attachement are not permitted.

= Google Drive cloud storage - (add) HINT: Images can be displayed (embedded) with Private Messages using the following method: with: (where FILEID is a long sequence of digits and letters). This only works if you've changed the visibility options to "public on the Web" or "anyone with the link" in the Share dialog.

- IrfanView image editor -
Easy to use image editor with many features.

- JRuler -
Places a ruler on screen to measure images, boxes, and table sizes to assist in editing.

- Kana Clip clipboard manager -
Stores multiple clipboard saves for easy retrieval, plus hot key access to permanently predefined text.

- Notepad ++ -
A Notepad replacement and source code editor that supports several languages.

- Screenpresso screen capture for images (free) and video (not free) -
Screen capture program for images and video. Great for creating "how-to" videos, and for detailing multiple editing issues.

- Sizer -
Adjusts an active window to desired size. Handy for screen casting (video screen captures).

- T-Clock Redux -
- T-Clock 2010 -
Customizes clock area on task bar. Useful for knowing time in multiple time zones. The "Redux" version is the current project, although much useful information is still available at the "2010" site.

- TeamViewer -
Easy to use desktop sharing software to share desktops for instructional demonstrations and problem resolutions.

- YouTube video sharing -
Repository for videos that are easily accessed via multiple platforms.
HINT: To force a video to play in full screen mode, remove "watch?v=" from the URL of the video and replace it with just "v/".

Chrome browser add-on extension scripts:

- Open Wazer Profile - (request link)
Displays Wazer profile page from clipboard or manual input. Created by GizmoGuy411.

- Special Characters -
Easy access to specially stored characters, such as arrows, bullets, degree symbol, and foreign characters.