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A brief overview of my Waze history.... Under construction.

I started using the app in 2011 after being told about it by a vendor at work. I haven't used another navigation app since.

I started editing in August 2016 after a long-distance trip from CT to North Carolina's Outer Banks. I was never able to stick with it, though, until July 2020 when I reached out to a senior editor I had worked with in the past about a long-term closure that had reopened near my house. He invited me into the Discord server for NER, and that is what it took to keep me engaged. It was so much easier to interact in real-time rather than wait for forum posts and PMs to work their way through. 'Merica - instant gratification is what it took!

Rank Promotions

  • Rank 1 August 2016
  • Rank 2 September 2020

Area Manager & Leadership

  • AM Guam November 2020


  • R3/AM - mentored with ThomasPrice84

Map Raids

  • Falcon Map Raid 2020

Beta Communities

  • iOS Beta