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State highway naming

When a state highway has been divided into two one-way segments per the guidelines, add the trailing N/S/E/W cardinal direction to the name (ex: N-370 E), regardless if the name is used as the primary name or an alternate name. If a local name also exists, the cardinal can be omitted from the local name at AM/SM discretion (ex: When N-370 is signed locally as Harlan Dr).

Nebraska Highway

State highways are to be named N-### [a][b]
(TTS pronunciation "Nebraska ###")

Nebraska Link

State Links are to be named L-##X [c]
(TTS pronunciation "Nebraska Link ##X")

Nebraska Spur

State Spurs are to be named S-##X [d]
(TTS pronunciation "Nebraska Spur ##X")

Nebraska Recreation Road

State Recreation Roads are to be named R-##X [e]
(TTS pronunciation "Nebraska Recreation Road ##X")

^a State highways never share the same number as any U.S. or Interstate highway that runs through the state.

^b The exception to this format is Nebraska Highway 25A (N-25A) which acts as a spur but is not signed as such.

^c A Link is a highway that connects two major highways.

^d A Spur is a highway that connects a major highway to a city or town where no other highway exists.

^e Recreation Roads are the roads contained within a State Park and are almost never signed but do appear in NDOR and FC maps.