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While you travel, Waze just being active helps other members.

NOTE: Unless you submit a report, all passive data is anonymized on submission. Your user info is not transmitted for any of this data.

  • As you drive, the system records your current speed and uses it to establish a normal speed for the road.
  • When you stop, it records how long it takes to move again, so it can provide the best route.
  • When you are on a freeway and you go severely below the speed limit, it notifies other Wazers that the average speed has been temporarily reduced.

While you're driving, you can Report Live Issues. When you report live issues, it allows other Wazers to see the issues appearing on the road in front of them. Note that reporting live issues does not cause re-routing for other Wazers unless they manually re-route themselves.

In order to prevent issues with driving, you can not type in any text boxes when Waze is detecting that you are moving faster than 5 MPH. If you have a Passenger, or you are the Passenger, they can bypass this protection to type out a message.