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Turn-by-Turn navigation is included for free in Waze, using Waze's Crowdsourced Mapping software, mixed with Google and Bing's House Number locator services.

Starting Navigation

To start Navigation, tap the Template:User:Imper1um/Overhaul/Menu Button, followed by the Navigate ((Nav Button Image 20px)) button. You can also slide the Template:User:Imper1um/Overhaul/Menu Button to the right to open the Navigation Menu.

((Navigation Menu Image))

From this menu, you can search for a specific place, or you can choose a favorite to navigate. Once you have chosen a location to navigate, a popup will show on the estimated time to arrival, and any issues that are currently in your path. From here, you can also change which route to use.

Alternate Searches

When searching, you can search using alternate options, by selecting one of the following icons along the bottom of the bar.

  • HNav4Waze.PNG Waze
  • YelpIcoNew.PNG Yelp
  • HNav4c.PNG Google
  • YpIcon.JPG Yellow Pages
  • HNav4b.PNG Foursquare
  • BingIcoNew.PNG Bing
  • HNav4a.PNG Contact list

Adding a Stop Point

NOTE: This feature is currently only enabled on iPhone devices.
After starting navigation, tap the Template:User:Imper1um/Overhaul/Menu Button, followed by the add Stop ((Stop Button Image 20px)) button. From here, you can follow the same procedure as searching for the first point.

Stopping Navigation

If you wish to stop navigation, tap the Template:User:Imper1um/Overhaul/Menu Button, followed by the Stop Nav ((Stop Nav Image 20px)) button. This will cease all turn-by-turn navigation.

Navigation Options

At the moment, there are only two changes you can do for Navigation, both can be accessed by tapping the Template:User:Imper1um/Overhaul/Menu Button, followed by the Settings ((Settings Button Image 20px)) button, then scrolling down to select Navigation.

Minimize turns seeks to prevent turns at all costs. While this will not prevent you from making turns, paths that are chosen will limit turns to a minimum so you stay on the same roads for lengthy periods of time.

Avoid highways will avoid any road marked with Highway or Freeway, but will not completely prevent the system from going on a highway or freeway. When given a choice, it will try to keep you on normal roads, followed by Minor Highways, and then Major Highways. As a last resort, this function can choose Freeways, but only if no other options are available to get you to your destination.