User:Kentsmith9/Wazeume History


  • Began using = April 23, 2012
  • Joined as Cartouche was being replaced by the original WME
  • Rank 2
  • Rank 3 / Area Manager - Bay Area, California =
  • Rank 3
  • Rank 4
  • Rank 5 / 600K edits = April 2013
  • Global Champ = < October 2013 (part of the inaugural team)


  • Global Champ
  • Wazeopedia/Wiki Expert Editor
  • Wazeopedia Admin
  • Waze for Cities representative
  • Forum moderator
  • Area Manager (originally Bay Area California)
  • IOS Beta tester
  • Beta Routing Server tester
  • Beta WME tester
  • (Previously) Forum admin
  • (Previously) NanoRep admin
  • (Previously) BugZilla Editor with Voting Rights


Attended 11 meetups since 2012 as of August 2022

Global Champ Meetup

  • 2013 Tel Aviv, Israel
  • 2015 Tel Aviv, Israel
  • 2019 Tel Aviv, Israel

NA Mega Meetup

From 2018 forward, this replaced the separate NA Meetups and Beta Meetups

  • 2018-Mar-3, SF, CA
  • 2019-Feb 9-10, Universal City, CA

NA Regional

  • 2012 Sunnyvale, CA
  • 2013-Mar (<12), SF, CA
  • 2014-Apr 12, Las Vegas, NV
  • 2017-Feb 19, San Diego, CA

NA Beta Meetup

  • 2016-May 20-21, SF, CA

NWR Meetup

  • 2018-May 5, Boise, ID

App projects


  • Beta tester with dozens of drivable HOV lanes
  • Provided direct feedback to Waze dev team on California HOV lanes
  • Mapped a significant portion of the Bay Area HOV lanes

Toll prices

  • The SF Bay Area is home to 7 toll bridges
  • Edited and tested the new toll mapping across all of them

Mapping projects

Overall stats

  • Began editing = May 12, 2012
  • As of August 13, 2022
  • Total map edits = 1,150,648
  • Update Requests closed = 5559
  • Segments edited = 126,623
  • Places edited = 2,213
  • Places reviewed = 238
  • Time-based restrictions = 1,190
  • Map Problems closed = 2,240
  • House numbers added = 208
  • Paved roads = 37.76 miles


Functional Classification

  • Mapped the FC for hundreds of grid squares covering most of North and Central California

Highway 5 Exit numbers

  • Added all the yet-to-be-installed exit numbers for Interstate 5 across California
  • Roughly 300+ (x2 for North and South exits) exit ramps updated with the newly assigned numbers

Speed limits

  • Focused on Bay Area speed limit updates



  • Coordinated with Orbit on the original definitions of the program

Country Manager

  • CM redefinition and promotion process guidelines with Orbit


  • Oroville Dam Failure (Feb 2017) - Mapped evac centers and road closures

Waze for Cities / Connected Citizens

  • San Francisco, CA - Traffic unit
  • Fremont, CA - Traffic unit
  • Pleasanton, CA - Police
  • Livermore, CA - Police
  • Los Gatos, CA - City Engineering
  • Los Altos Hills, CA - City Engineering
  • Alameda, CA - City Engineering
  • Alameda County, CA - City Engineering
  • Yosemite, CA - Traffic unit
  • Boise, ID - Traffic unit



Overall stats

  • First post =
  • Total posts = 5,699

Major contributions

  • Created the forum guidelines


  • This was an early online help system for editors and users before the Wiki gained traction
  • Although it was administered by Waze staff, I was given admin rights to add and maintain the content with them
  • It was shut down after the Wiki gained significant community support

All Wikis

Overall stats

  • Total saves = 9,860
  • Total edits = unknown; some saves can be one character different while others can include hundreds of changes at one time.
  • Pages still holding my last edit = 2,518
  • New pages created = 2,435; these are a combination of the main namespace, redirects, templates, categories, users, etc.
  • New pages still holding my last edit = 1,341 (55% of all my created pages)
  • New Template pages = 332 (46% of all templates)
  • Image uploads = 266

Major projects

Wazeopedia implementation 2015

  • Submitted roughly 20 bug reports.
  • Teamed up with PesachZ to prepare the then current Wiki for the transition.
  • Created and added templates to pages that were staying in the US, dropping from the US, or needing modifications.
  • Modified dozens and dozens of pages to remove non-US content and references from the new US-only pages.

Wazeopedia Revamp 2022

  • In process now.
  • Negotiated adjustments to the CSS and new table formatting to be able to better integrate with current page layouts.
  • As of August 13, 2022
  • Submitted 35 bugs

Infrastructure templates

State template pages

  • USA - A major template system designed to provide a consistent Map editor user experience when they move between states to edit the map.
  • Many states have some minor or major differences in how the map is edited due to differences in laws or usage in the various states.
  • Pages can be created for individual states, regions of states, or US territories as desired.
    • Region pages are created for management simplicity when a group of states are managed by a common team that use the same editing rules across all the states in that region.
  • Each page is organized in a consistent format across all states, territories, and regions.
  • Each section of the page includes portions that are consistent across all states and controlled by the template, while another optional section can be enabled to show differences in that state from other states, making it easy for editors to identify the key differences when they edit across states.
Area Manager template suite
  • {{AM}} - Part of the State template system. It is a full template system for unified display of Area Manager tables on state pages.
  • Includes all editor levels.
  • Displays editor name, rank, private message link, rank level icon, the area managed, and a open text comment field.
  • Provides the option to display multiple badges with the editor name.
  • Breaks up table to separate country, state and area managers.
  • Automatically includes the Regional Coordinators and Assistant Regional Coordinator(s) from the {{RC}} template system.
Regional Coordinator template suite
  • {{RC}} - Part of the State template system. It can also be used as a standalone table on any page.
  • This template system provides a single source for managing all the information related to Regional Coordinators (RC) and Assistant Regional Coordinators (ARC).
  • Enables any page in the Wiki to present the RC and ARC(s) for any region without the need to update it if that information changes.
  • The template also enables the Wiki to use a state name (in addition to a region name) to identify the RC and ARC.
  • It also includes built in links to the appropriate regional Forum for automated linking to the appropriate forum.
Other state page related templates

Rank template suite

  • Built the original {{Rank}} template suite to enable maintenance of the restriction elements throughout the Wiki.
  • Rebuilt {{Rank}} template into a suite to resolve multiple issues. (Forum discussion).
  • Resolved problem with synchronizing three different data sources/tables when updates were required.
  • Expanded template to include {{Rank/Image}} and {{Rank/Mbox}} options.
  • Currently reviewing all pages with the term "rank" to see if it requires integration of the rank template and to locate any missing rank permission entries that were overlooked.

Other major templates

  • {{AddCode}} - Enables Wiki page editors to insert a message box as a placeholder in their code development to remind them to come back to add that code when they get more time. Prevents forgotten code elements when working on complex pages.
  • {{AlphaIndexStart}} / {{AlphaIndexEnd}} - To create a horizontal index of alphabetic initial letters for the headers on a page.
  • {{Broken links}} - A flexible and partially automated customized message box used to be placed on pages if the current wiki editor cannot find the correct links.
  • {{Construction}} - A very popular customized message box showing the reader that the page is under construction.
  • {{Delete page}} - Enables non-administrative Wiki editors to mark pages for deletion including a reason code. It automatically adds the page to a category tracking pages requesting deletion.
  • {{FC}} - Template suite used for tracking Functional Class updates in each state. Simplifies the creation of the table used by map editors when updating their areas completed.
  • {{ForumLink}} - Unified display of links to subforums for use on any page, especially when wanting community feedback.
  • {{Flatlist}} - A template suite that produces a horizontal list of items.
  • {{Mbox/Text}} - A template suite that leverages the message box template to enable customized templates to be created using common phrasing for messages to readers through predefined parameters.
  • {{NeedImage}} - Placed on a page that needs images added to clarify the instructions. Sets up tracking categories as well.
  • {{NeedInfo}} - Places on a page that needs additional information. Sets up tracking categories as well.
  • {{NeedPage}} - Placed on a new page that has no information for building the page yet, but prevents the "redlink" missing page for readers on the page with the link. These pages can be tracked with a "where is this used" link and it is in the category for needed pages.
  • {{Obsoleted}} - A customized message box placed on obsoleted pages that should no longer be referenced for any current guidance.
  • {{ReturnTop}} - A shortcut entry that is placed on a page to quickly return the user to the top of the page.
  • {{ReviewRedirects}} -
  • {{RoadType}} - A shortcut with text to create links for documentation sending users to specific sections of the Road type page.
  • {{ToObsolete}} - A customized message box for pages that need to be obsoleted.
  • {{TrafficLocksDisabled}} - A shortcut text entry to tell users that traffic locks have been disabled in the USA map.
  • {{UpdateImage}} - A customized message box for pages that need one or more images updated.
  • {{UserMaintained}} - A customized message requested by Waze staff to be placed on pages to indicate that unpaid users are maintaining the Wiki and not employees of Waze.

Other major Wiki pages

Other Wiki projects

  • Category structures - Defined the current category structure for the entire Wiki.
  • Created Wiki and forum etiquette (Waze_etiquette, Forum)
  • Created Wiki style guide (Help:Wiki_editing, Forum)
  • Assisted GizmoGuy411 and PesachZ with the automated Glossary project. Forum
  • Created tests to determine the minimum size for an area Place (previously a Landmark) as 50 m.