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m-103 is a Rank 3 editor based out of the metro-Cleveland, Ohio, USA area. Wazing since 2010, finally decided to create an account two phones later in 2012, and editing since 2013.

You can reach me by Waze forum Private Message.

For new editors:

#1 Waze Wiki & Forum are entirely searchable. If you skip searching and just ask 1001 questions, answers may seem abrupt or delayed. We are all volunteers, just like you.

For tips to avoid becoming a Help Vampire, read this: Help Vampires: A Spotter’s Guide! Analogous to the IT examples in that article, the searchable knowledge base for Waze is the Wiki and Forums. There's gold in these hills!

Some important knowledge base links:

Waze Glossary

Map Editing Quick-start Guide

Best map editing practice

Edits to avoid (USA)

Using external sources critical info here!

Youtube: Intro to Map Editing Webinar

Ohio (USA) editing standards

WME Scripts

Waze Forum Etiquette

Formal Mentoring Program

Other WME Scripts I can't do without: (TamperMonkey or GreaseMonkey required)

WME Closest Segment

WME Census 2014 layers (USA)