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The Maryland page has details on local camera systems.


Red Light Cameras

Red Light cameras are authorized statewide through statute[1], but require SHA approval before installation on state roads. The Maryland SHA has details about Red Light cameras on its website.

School Speed Cameras

Speed Cameras are authorized statewide in School Zones through statute. [2] A speed monitoring system in a school zone may operate only Monday through Friday between 6:00 a.m. and 8:00 p.m.

“School zone” means a designated roadway segment within up to a half–mile radius of a school for any of grades kindergarten through grade 12 where school–related activity occurs, including:

  1. Travel by students to or from school on foot or by bicycle; or
  2. The dropping off or picking up of students by school buses or other vehicles.
Work Zone Speed Cameras

A “work zone speed control system” or speed camera is authorized through statute for use statewide.[3] Work Zone speed cameras may only be placed in designated work zones along expressways and controlled access roadways with at least a 45 mph speed limit.

These speed cameras must be operated by a work zone speed control system operator, and therefore most of these kinds of cameras are mounted on vehicles. The work zone must also be conspicuously signed.


Some counties in Maryland have carve-outs in statute that allow additional uses of automated enforcement.

Montgomery County

Speed Cameras are authorized on a highways in a residential district with a maximum posted speed limit of 35 miles per hour through statute[2]

Prince George’s County

Speed Cameras are authorized through statute on that part of a highway located within the grounds of an institution of higher education, or within one–half mile of the grounds of a building or property used by the institution of higher education where generally accepted traffic and engineering practices indicate that motor vehicle, pedestrian, or bicycle traffic is substantially generated or influenced by the institution of higher education.


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