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How to clear the app navigation cache

Waze will store navigation information to previous places you have visited. When there are problems with the address pin and the map has been edited to correct the address pin it is necessary to clear the navigation cache for the address. Otherwise you will still get improper routing.

Here is an example of a bad address pin that caused poor navigation.

Incorrect pin
Remove from search history

The first step is to clear the navigation cache to do this tap the magnifying glass in the lower left of the home screen. This will bring up your search history. From there tap the three dots to the right of the location with the bad pin, then tap remove. NOTE: it is possible that there could be multiple entries for the bad pin so be sure to remove them all.

Then tap Favorites and repeat the process.

Remove from favorites
type in full address

Once the navigation cache has been cleared you can find the correct pin. Enter the full address including house number number, cardinal road prefix(if present-such as N, S, E, W), road name(including the proper suffix such as St, Ave, Ln, Pl), cardinal road suffix(if present-such as N, S, E, W), city, and state. In this example it looks like: 12430 NE 152nd St Woodinville, WA

DO NOT ACCEPT THE AUTOFILL RESULT- after changes are made in the Waze address system in can take days or weeks for the proper address pin to be an autofill result. This is because it take time for Waze to go through the system and properly index the search after changes are made.

Select best result

Instead, tap the blue search button, that will force Waze to do a complete search of valid address pins. Press the best looking result form this list.

Verify result

Verify if this is the correct location. If it's correct press the address to continue, if not press the back button to select another result.