User:Orbitc/Ways to Get Involved in Other Regions

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Cross-Regional Collaboration:

  • Ask your RC/ARC about any official cross-regional collaboration and apply for AM outside of your region.

Help during Crisis and Events (join VEOC discord server)

  • Get in touch with the Host of the VEOC team.
  • Offer your help. In most cases, you can help without an AM area.

Join other regions’ Discord server

  • Engage with A/RCs and other higher ranking editors.
  • Offer your help. They may grant a temporary area if necessary.

Join and be active in Beta and other projects

  • iOS Beta.
  • Android  Beta.
  • WME Beta.
  • Carpool (and Carpool  Beta).
  • Wazeopedia and Wazeopedia Beta.
  • Volunteer for special projects like “Waze Beacons”


  • Cross regions (in addition to the local region).
  • Work with other regions’ RC, ARC, CMs, and SMs.
  • Try to participate in unique projects like “UR Project” or “Places Project”.  


  • Join in an MR, follow local guidelines and be active.
  • Keep engaged with the A/RC or MR Host(s).
  • Let MR Host know if you cannot fulfill your duties.
  • Request to maintain your MR area as a permanent area after the MR.

Learn the editing differences between regions and help in:

  • WME Chat.
  • On Discord channel.
  • Guide editors to correct wiki pages.
  • Guide editors to correct forum pages.

Working on special projects like collecting/finding wrong data on the Waze map

  • Gas Stations.
  • Subway, Wendy’s, etc.

Meetups & Professionalism:

  • Be active and try to attend national or regional meetups.
  • Share knowledge but respect regions’ local guidelines.
  • Learn how each region’s editing practices differ from one another.
  • Be courteous and lead by example.
  • Keep bantering to a minimum or in Banter channels only.
  • Know that someone is always reading your posts or comments.