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  • Joined Waze: 22 February 2016
  • Location: Las Vegas, NV
  • Editing Level: 3
  • State Manager: One day in the not so distant future??
  • Area Manager: Wyoming (NW Corner)
  • Map Raids: West Virginia

Waze Edits




  • Boulder City, NV: Added new PLR's/PR's, add/update SL's, and added & updated places. (6/16 - 7/16)
  • Bunkerville, NV: Added new road segments/PLR's, Added & Verified House Numbers, add/update SL's, and added/updated existing places. (8/17)
  • Mesquite, NV: Updated/added/corrected street names, updated geometry, added many popular businesses, verified/added house numbers to all road segments, added off-road segments for new subdivision areas & house numbers where available, added comment areas to map for future editors to follow up & continue where left off, add/update SL's, and the rest is still a WIP. (8/17-Current)
  • Las Vegas,NV: Too many to list, but a few are: Updated & added PLR's/TR's/Geometry(worked to get all strip segments and surrounding segments up-locked to prevent unnecessary/erroneous edits), Addition of PLR's within Nellis AFB, Addition of PLR's on main cross city roads, add/update SL's, and many updates to places in and around town. (2/16-Current)
  • Laughlin, NV: Added new PLR's, add/update SL's, and updated geometry. (6/16 - 7/16)


  • Bullhead City, AZ: Updated geometry of basemap, added new subdivisions as Off-Road segments, added/updated places, add/update SL's, and added PLR's/PR's. (6/16 - 7/16)

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