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Diffences affecting editors between Waze app and Waze integrated car systems

There are some differences that affect editors between the Waze app (on iOS or Android) and the Waze functionality for integrated car systems (Car Play, etc). This article is not an instruction guide for integrated car system users, but to just inform editors since Update Requests (URs) from users affect some of our responses to users or what users can do to provide information.


Search for the integrated car systems:

  1. Does/does not use Assisted Speech Recognition (ASR)
  2. Does/does not allow the "More results for [address/business name of place]" to ensure Waze locations are used over Google Map pins.
  3. How clear history for integrated car systems?


  1. Currently can only report hazards, police, traffic, and crash/accident.
  2. Closures (red and white stripped in app Real time closures (RTCs)) cannot be reported.


Queries to URs are not easily responded to within the integrated navigation system.