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Well soon as the Junction Box 2.0 wazeopedia was pushed, looks like they will change the turn restriction interface on regular TRs and junction box TRs.

So want to change the pictures to:

1) Picture on left of Timing

Timing Junction Box 4e.PNG Junction Box B.png

removes the old TBTR and TIO icons.

2) First picture for Navigation instructions

Wme turn override hover3.png

3) Final picture in Turn instruction override on a junction box exit section


4. Route icon

The snake route icon is now gone. So change this section to "Switch route selection" with the following words

Remove the flag that "The Route icon is currently undergoing changes in the WME User Interface (UI). Page will be updated if interfaces are updated"

Switch route selection

Switch Route toggle.PNG
There can only be one route from a specific entrance to a specific exit in a junction box. In cases where there is more than one routing option available, then the SWITCH ROUTE option will appear. This switch route option will allow you to select the appropriate route through the junction box and the appropriate turn restriction and other settings for this desired route.
  • Select the entry point of the junction box that you want to compare routes on
  • Hover over the appropriate exit turn restriction that you want to select the desired route
  • The switch route selection will appear appear between the restrictions and difficult turn options in the gray turn restriction box
  • Click the forward or back arrow to cycle thru the allowable routes

If there is only one route available in the junction box then the switch route selectoin will not appear. Note it may take several clicks to get to the desired route. This current interface dramatically cuts down on the number of clicks to get to desired route since the entry and exit points are anchored and routes from the entry point to other exit points are not considered and you can now backtrack to a route that you previously went past.

Example of the route selection in a situation where there are some alternate looping routes available. First picture shows the typical green path for eastbound Franklin St NE as it continues across Rhode Island Ave NE. If the straight path was prohibited by a Jersey barrier and signage, the the editor can select the alternate path of southbound 15th St NE to northeastbound Rhode Island Ave NE to eastbound Franklin St NE. The second route as shown in the second picture was set up by clicking the Route icon six times and then allowing the junction box's turn restriction.

DC Route Toggle Example1a.PNG          DC Route Toggle Example2a.PNG