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The information about RPPs in the Places page is very outdated and incorrect.

The current wording is wrong: "Residential Point Places (RPPs) or Private Places will not be searchable, and we will not expose the identity of whoever created them or attached pictures to them. We will be using the pictures and exact locations to improve our house numbers database and show photos to people driving explicitly to that address." 1. RPPs are searchable 2. The identity of the creator and any modifications made are shown in history 3. The identity of the photo addition is shown in history

I also think that we need to explain how to position away from the main road. And state what actually needs to occur for the RPP to work (Address number/street name/city name and entry point) and that the street name and city name combination need to be nearby for it to work.

Proposed changes: Change title from "What is the Residential setting? Private and public places" to ==== Residential place points ====

Residential Point Places (RPPs) are used for when an address (residential address or business address) is not navigable from the main road. Houses that are on a private road/pipestem, businesses that have a vanity address on a major road (but their entrance is on another named lesser road), or businesses that are on parking lot roads within a shopping center are some examples.

  1. Appear as triangles in the app
  2. Are searchable by address if city matches the search
  3. Any name on a place that becomes an RPP disappears after saving and is not searchable
  4. Can not be converted to a place point or place area
  5. Appear in the app search usually within minutes
  6. Are a very high priority in an address search hierarchy
  7. Can only have one city for the house number (if more than one city name is used then multiple RPPs are required)
  8. Display in history who created the RPP and any edits after creation

See differences between House numbers and Residential place points for comparison to HNs. There are different advantages and disadvantages to each.

Creating an RPP
  1. Hover over the Place button on the grey tool bar on top of the WME screen
  2. Select Other from the drop down menu
  3. Click at the location that the RPP is desired
  4. In the edit box to the left:
    1. Click on the ADDRESS pill
    2. Add the STREET name
    3. Add the HOUSE NUMBER
    4. Add the CITY (USPS mailing address city or city that the business uses if different)
    5. Click "Apply" button to prepare the ADDRESS information to save
    6. Click "Add point" button for ENTRY/EXIT POINTS
    7. Place the point where the user's navigation should end
    8. Lock to appropriate region standard, or your highest available level if you can not lock to the regional standard
    9. Click "Convert to residential" button
    10. Note NAME, CATEGORIES, TYPE, EXTERNAL PROVIDERS, and More info tab options disappear
    11. Click the Save button in the upper right corner of the grey toolbar
  5. Make sure a nearby segment has the EXACT Street and City name combination either as a primary name or an alternate name.
RPPs will not work if they do not have the house number, street name, and city name and an entry point. Additionally the exact street/city name combination has to be specified on a nearby segment (primary or alternate name)