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Too short When a segment is less than 19.69 ft (6 m) it becomes difficult for the navigation engine to determine traffic speed through that segment. That will in turn negatively affect drive time estimations and best routing. Note Junction boxes and Roundabouts collect accurate speed and turn delay transition timing for all segments including short segments that are fully contained within the JB or RA; therefore segments under 19.69 ft (6 m) should not cause problems.

Between intersections Mismatched Intersection.png There may be times when driveways or other roads join a main road with close proximity to each other. This may cause small segments to be created between the two junctions along that main road. If the segment is shorter than 19.69 ft (6 m), it may be best to simply merge the two intersections into a single junction. It is OK if the joining roads in the map do not exactly align with the visual map in the Waze Map Editor.

See the Junction Style Guide section on offset roads for more details about this situation