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I really hope I am doing this right. This is a subpage of my main user page? I have little experience eding the wiki, and am trying to increase my experience in a harmless way. I'm trying to practice creating a page about updating closed roads.

Necessary Edits

Not all road updates need to be edited while the road is closed. In general, only major changes that impact routing directions, such as changes in junction or interchange styles should be added to the map while under construction. Changes that do not impact routing directions such as dividing two-way roads do not benefit drivers enough to outweigh the potential risks, problems, and complications of editing closed segments. Editing closed roads is not recommended for editors under level 3 because of the complexity of the steps required to prevent routing through the closed area for the duration of the closure, and the need to manage RTCs on the segments that are being edited.

Basic closure elements

Understanding Real-Time Closures

Real-Time Closures are added from the WME, and can be added to any segment which exists both on the live map and on the WME. They must be removed in order to edit some aspects of a segment. RTCs can be re-added to segments that have changed geometry, but segments that have been deleted or divided cannot have RTCs added until the new segment IDs are a part of the live map. When a closure is added to a segment that has changed geometry since the previous tile build, the closure will appear over the previous segment geometry until the segment is updated in a tile build.

Preventing routing through closed areas while editing

All closed roads should have accurate RTCs placed on the segments before editing. If they have not been placed yet, place them on all closed segments. Add total restrictions to all of the closed segments to prevent routing once the closures are removed. Do not remove any RTCs until these restrictions have been added to the live map during a tile update.